computer security breach

Companies in nearly every industry face the threat of data theft, network interruptions and privacy violations. At Invincia, we understand the threat and can help you manage it. Many industries and companies have what is referred to as “mission critical data,” which is essentially serves as the life blood for operations. If that data were to be compromised or lost, then many businesses would face the risk of going out of business. Many companies rely on third parties to store and backup their data, however in the event of a breach or loss, those third parties usually do not provide legal protection what could ensue.

In the event of a data breach

Following an actual or proposed breach of data, a company must perform a number of very expensive functions including:

  • Notifying clients of the breach
  • Providing credit monitoring services to clients
  • Paying fees and penalties associated with the breach

Custom Cyber Risk Analysis

At Invincia, we perform technology risk review, cyber risk analysis and contract reviews for our clients. Our experts can help put  together a risk transfer solution that includes:

  • Technology Errors and Omissions
  • Media Liability
  • Data Protection
  • Cyber Liability

The risks are real and your company is most likely exposed in some way or fashion. Please give us a call so that we can help you start the process of protecting one of your most critical assets…your data.