Individual Health Services

With the ever-changing Health Insurance regulatory environment, the Invincia Health and Wellness Benefits Team understands that navigating through it can be confusing (and frustrating). Whether or not you’d like our assistance is up to you, but unlike common myth, our assistance in selecting and understanding your health plan will not cost you a dime.

Our Health and Wellness Benefits Team will assist you with:

  1. Selecting a health insurance plan that meets your needs and fits within your budget (either on or off a health insurance exchange).
  2. Educating you on new products and regulations that do or will have an impact on you.
  3. Serving as your advocate with Insurance Carrier negotiations or claims facilitations.

Individual Life Insurance

Very few people enjoy thinking about the inevitability of death. Fewer yet take pleasure in the possibility of an accidental death. If there are people who depend on you and your income, however, it is one of those unpleasant things that you have to consider. At Invincia, our experienced life insurance professionals can help you determine your best course of action and answer questions such as:

  • When should I buy Life Insurance?
  • What type of Life Insurance policy best fits my needs?
  • How much Life Insurance should I purchase?
  • What alternatives to Life Insurance should I consider?

Whether it is term, whole or universal life, we are here to help you make a decision that makes sense now AND in the future.


It is often thought that Medicare benefits are inferior to those benefits under a traditional individual medical plan. While the benefits and structure of Medicare plans (as well as supplemental plans) differ from a traditional individual medical plan, how you structure your plans ultimately determines how effective it will be in meeting you healthcare needs. At Invincia, our Medicare professionals will meet with you, get a firm understanding of what you need your Medicare and Supplemental plans to accomplish, and then help you put a plan into action.

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