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The traditional role of an employer included providing a comprehensive benefits package to your employees…and paying for a majority of the expense (if not all of it!). While many employers continue to take a paternal approach to providing benefits to their employees, the ever-changing Healthcare industry has forced many companies to re-evaluate their employee benefits strategy.

At Invincia, our Employee Benefits Team will partner with you to face your benefit challenges head on and will deliver creative benefit solutions that address your unique circumstances. Our purpose is to help you design, implement and manage a group benefit program that:

  • Accomplishes organizational objectives
  • Effectively controls cost
  • Complies with governing regulations
  • Satisfies the needs of your employees

In order to help you achieve your goals, we have partnered with a number of regional and national Insurance Carriers including (but not limited to):

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Remember – choosing Invincia Insurance Solutions means you have selected a team that will face your benefit challenges with you and deliver cost effective solutions that address your unique needs.

If you would like for one of our Benefits Specialists to contact you, please click here.